How Are Tax Payments On AliExpress?

How Are Tax Payments On AliExpress?

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Customs tax that may occur on AliExpress belongs to the buyer.

The AliExpress customer is dominated by this general rule and they manage the necessary process for your orders with customs tax in this direction.

The number of objections that may arise about the customs tax is very low and AliExpress protects the seller in any objections that may arise.

Customs and standard taxes are applied to products brought to the country from abroad, such as AliExpress.

Customs taxes paid for products purchased on AliExpress are always one of the questions that buyers frequently ask. You pay tax for a product you buy from the marketplace because;

  • Customs duty and standard taxes are not included in the price of the product and may not be included in the shipping costs paid to the seller.
  • When you want to buy products on AliExpress, you are shopping from overseas sellers. Therefore, you will be asked to pay customs tax.

Taxes vary depending on where your order is shipped from, its type, value and weight. Also, different countries may follow different tax policies on specific products. Buyers are always advised to know the customs tax because surprise costs burden the buyer. Remember; Customs duties and other taxes are not covered by AliExpress.

Ask the retailer with whom you shop if you need to pay any additional import taxes, customs duties, and so on. However, you can contact the customs administration and find out the latest situation in product transitions. Taxes are collected by shipping companies at time of delivery. You can have a look at the operation of the shipping company before your order arrives. The seller cannot be held responsible for delays in the customs department in any country.

Even if your calculations are correct, additional costs may be reflected in international transportation at any time. It is also necessary to be prepared for these scenarios. Some sellers, on the other hand, state that they provide domestic delivery service and that they will ship from a warehouse in your country. In this form of shipping, you will not be asked to pay additional customs tax.

Tax Bracket on Products in Europe

The import tax percentage of most products in Europe is based on the customs value and HS code. Therefore, taxation is made between 2% and 6%. Although this is said as standard, there are some exceptional cases. For example, because consumer electronics production is low in the EU, the tax can be reduced to 0% in some countries. The tax bracket of a few of AliExpress products in Europe is as follows:

  • Tablet PC: 0%
  • Solar Panel: 0%
  • Wristwatch: 4.5%
  • LED Bulb: 4.7%
  • Electric Bikes: 6%
  • T-shirts: 12%
  • Peanuts: 12.8%

In the e-commerce world, both buyers and sellers know how taxes are applied according to the country they are located in and conveying correct information in the dialogues relaxes the shopping process.

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