Udemy Courses (Turkish)

AliExpress's Official Trainer Sevtap Küçük's
"AliExpress Seller Training" is on Udemy

“From Zero to Advanced Level E-Export” Udemy course is the most demanded e-commerce training on the platform. You will find everything you wonder about AliExpress in
the course content of 11 hours and 44 minutes.

This Udemy course is also a seller guide that will be with you in e-export processes on Alibaba and AliExpress. New training videos are added for each development on the platform and they are kept up-to-date.

After completing Udemy course, our AliExpress seller candidates open their stores and make successful sales and deliver them to their customers without any problems. In the course lessons, the “nesatilir.com” tools and the dropshipping model are also explained for the vendor candidates who do not have a product.

Our existing AliExpress sellers, on the other hand, increase their sales, learn platform strategies, and easily analyze store efficiencies.

The seller / seller candidates with the goal of wholesale e-export can find the most important topics about alibaba.com, which was established as the first e-commerce initiative of the Alibaba Group and enables wholesale trade in the international arena. They become experts in all details from A to Z in subjects such as opening a store with training videos, adding products, ensuring that products are published on the first pages on the platform, the basic criteria of reaching the right buyer, and converting customer ready purchase requests into sales.

You can reach the official Udemy set powered by E-Trade Global and AliExpress from the link below: