Ways to Find Suppliers on AliExpress

Ways to Find Suppliers on AliExpress

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The first condition of creating a successful dropshipping process is to find quality suppliers. Reliable suppliers in the market form the mainstream of your sales process. A good supplier is preferred not only because it is reliable, but also for high customer satisfaction.

6 factors to consider when choosing a dropshipping supplier on AliExpress:

1) Reasonable Price: One of the factors that should be considered by those who start selling without stock on AliExpress is the affordable price. It should not be forgotten that there are suppliers offering different prices for the same product. Those who give more affordable prices in the desired quality should be determined. Other suppliers should always be kept in reserve, as prices may vary.

2) High Quality: Generally, there is a direct proportion between cost and quality. Consumers have a perception that the more expensive the product is, the higher the quality. Do not hesitate to talk to the supplier to be sure of the quality of the product to be preferred. Before purchasing, you should get all the information of the product and make sure that it will meet the consumer’s expectations.

3) Reliability: For example, you said 2 weeks to the shipping time of the product you sell, but your supplier sent it in the 3rd week. In this case, your customer will blame you, not the supplier. Try to find reliable suppliers who have stockless sales experience in the market and who follow up business. Become a follower of suppliers’ performance and follow your product.

4) Communication: You may encounter situations that require a quick response from your supplier. Responses that are not received in time can adversely affect your operation. One of the features is that the suppliers make a fast return and pay attention to the stores that work without stock.

5) Terms and Conditions: Make sure the supplier knows the marketplace well and acts in accordance with the rules. The carelessness of your supplier is directly related to you. Therefore, you can ask suppliers for a reference information on what they have done to date.

6) Location: You may not want to sell to every region on AliExpress. If the location of your supplier is far from your target areas, shipping time and cost will increase. Contact the suppliers that are closest to the consumer in line with your goals.

In the dropshipping process, the supplier sells his product, the consumer gets what he wants, AliExpress taking commission, and the seller gets his dividend for providing this link. A system that can bring high profits when dropshipping sales are made regularly and without errors.

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