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E-Trade Global, having 12 years e-commerce experience is a service provider offering quality service with Turkey’s institutional knowledge gained in major companies.

We take over your AliExpress store for installation and brand it in the export market.
From the product loading stage, contact us for logo design, store name selection, creating an export brand and making sales.

Merdivenköy Neighborhood
Nur Street
No: 1/1, Floor: 12
Apartment Number: 115
Interior Door Number: 2
Goztepe, Business Istanbul / Kadikoy

E-Trade Global provides services under the name of consultancy and academia.

Consultancy covers end-to-end service in the domestic and international e-commerce sector. All you have to do is to send your cargo.

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E-Trade Global Is Partner of AliExpress

We Manage The Whole Process For You To Sell On AliExpress.

Some of the gains of sellers who will make e-export with ALIEXPRESS cooperation:

  • Preparation and submission of AliExpress store opening documents
  • Managing store opening processes
  • Upload up to 20 free products
  • Stocked and un-stocked export service
  • Product selection
  • Product, region analysis
  • Keyword selection for product namesProduct optimization
  • Campaign management
  • Store decoration
  • Brand consultancy